Science Fiction

The Belligerents, a five-piece band from Brisbane, had already shot a video for the first single, ‘Flash’ –  now they wanted a sequel for the title track.

In ‘Flash’, a scientist sends a dog into space – and we had to continue the story. Creating a sequel to another director’s film was something we hadn’t tackled before, and it came with its own unique challenges.

Film Production

Casting Lewis as the quirky dreamer and aspiring astronaut allowed us to add a little surreal humour to everyday scenarios and settings while anchoring the film to a repeated lyric in the track: ‘Why can’t I fly away from Earth’.

And the authentic-looking space suit took us two weeks to track down – because we know just how important the right props and costumes are to telling a really great story.



Director—Julian Lucas · Producer—Steve Jablonski · Associate Producer—Yolantha Morrigan · Production Manager—Ashlea Ritchie · 1st AD—Jessica Galea · DOP—Samuel Broeren · 1st AC—Cam Stewart · 2nd AC—Adam Russ · Gaffer—Andrew Lock · Best Boy—Justin Young · Art Director—Laura Curtis · Standby Props/Wardrobe—Chiara Byrne · Hair & Makeup—Amanda Lissant-Clayton · Hair & Makeup Assistant—Rachel Sloan · Production Assistant/Playback—Lucas Li · Photographer—Laetitia Ferry · Dog Wrangler—Luke Hura


Editor—Julian Lucas · VFX—Savva Tsekmes · Sound Designer—Matt Hadley


Lewis/Astronaut—Lewis Stevenson
Girl in Waiting Room—Jessica Galea
Dog Astronaut—Sparky
Psychiatrist—Bralen Chatfield
Student in Library—Sharrayah Temita
Man in Library—Michael Scott
Scientist—Justin Hosking
Travel Agent—Jess Hieser
Old Man at Bar—Philip Eastman